For two

Perfect for partners, cool for best friends and romantic for couples

iOS Android

Monogamy is an app messenger only for two

Based on loyalty and trust born in Monogamy, never a third.

All device

iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Tizen, Firefox OS, Yunos, Miui.

100% online

Only you and your contact 100% linked. Never blocked.

For work

Ideal for partners startup


Monogamy is free, you will never pay for the service..

Perfect app for lovers

This new application in its concept stage is a breakthrough in Internet relationships. It will be tasked with permitting open, simultaneous, and sincere communication for couples through their cell phones.

Sets the level of relationship you have

You have three level for Monogamy.

Perhaps in the future, before starting a new relationship, couples should see if the other person already has Monogamy installed on their cell phone, as wedding bands can be removed, but if they uninstall Monogamy, the partner will be notified immediately.

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At this stage, you can send your ideas and add them gradually to Monogamy.